SDB of Modelling and Controlling Systems (SFedU)




Scientific and Design Bureau of Modelling and Controlling Systems of the Federal Government independent educational institution of the higher vocational education “Southern Federal University”

Address: Petrovskaya str. 81, Taganrog, Rostov region, 347928


Director: Oleg Spiridonov Borisovich

Phone number: (8634) 328-011

Fax: (8634) 310-629

Chief designer: Igor Surzhenko Feodosievich, phone: (8634) 328-041

Deputy director for technical affairs: Vyacheslav Kuchugurenko Anatolevich, phone: (8634) 328-035

Deputy Director of the regime and personnel: Vladimir Podgorodnichenko Dmitrievich, phone: (8634) 328-046

Deputy Director for finance and economic: Galina Zhadchenko Vasilevna, phone: (8634) 328-021

Chief engineer: Igor Kuropatka Petrovich, phone: (8634) 328-064

Head of Test Laboratory : Ilya Shurmanov Sergeevich, phone: (8634) 328-009

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In charge of the site:

Alexey Sergeev, (8634) 32-80-96

Maria Duryndina, (8634) 32-80-18, e-mail: