Training-simulator complex for the spaceman’s extravehicular activity preparation

The complex is meant for:
• preliminary familiarizing with ISS – virtual site visit;
• functional, situational and psychological adaptation to the activity object and environmental conditions characteristics, including orientation and walk in outer space;
• adaptation and acquiring stable skills when solving any concrete functional problem;
• gaining work experience in different off-nominal situations, connected with spacewalking, orientation among ISS units, etc.;
• crew conditioning during the work with perspective ISS;
• creation of components to provide work of biomedical operators’ condition control system, researching of spacemen psychological and physiologic adaptation.
The basis of the complex is a simulation interactive environment of planning and control, developed as virtual environment for formation problems processing and extravehicular activity (EVA) scenarios’ planning for a spaceman-operator of the robotic tools (RTT) of the space platforms in the training- simulator complexes (TSC).

The complex provides:
• the level of ISS exterior performance indenture, which is necessary for spacemen to solve the problems, taking into account its reconfiguration and in accordance with the possible real operating conditions on the ground of data-bases of virtual images elements, target environment;
• imaging adequacy of a spaceman-operator’s interaction with RTT taking into account its movement and space orientation characteristics, design features of robotic systems, devices and watch facilities.

Graphics-based synthesis environment of virtual reality for the training-simulator complexes of concerned problem domain is WorldUp the software system to create virtual reality applications and visual simulation.

On the stage of EVA planning motion trajectories of virtual dynamic models are designed. During the training spaceman-operator fixed in a mobile working place on ERA manipulator must control the previous one in such a way that the motion trajectory diverges from the target path no more than by some allowed value. The motion is controlled with the help of emulator keyboard of console situated in the mobile working place. The mobile working place current state relative to the space platform surface is kept track with the help of 2 TV cameras, fixed on the manipulator’s sections. Figure 1 shows the cadre of EVA scene visualization, illustrating the operation principle of construction «manipulator ERA - mobile working place – spaceman» virtual model, rigidly fixed on the ISS surface.

Figure 1

Figure 1

The training-simulator complex of a spaceman preparation instructor has the opportunity to observe the spaceman work in the one of some modes:
• from external fixed point of virtual simulator space;
• from the point, which is “locked” to viewing (direction of gaze) axis of the spaceman (autotracking mode);
• video sequence, fixed with TV cameras, which are situated on manipulator;
• mode with the opportunity to reflect spaceman’s zones of vision, i.e. surface areas of the space platform observed by the spaceman at the moment.

Figure 2 shows the cadre of EVA visualization simulating television imaging of the vision zone (the mode of computer vision wide margin ) from an external point of the observer.

Figure 2

Figure 2

The field of complex utilization:
• processing systems for the algorithms of operator’s joint work with robotic systems;
• training-simulator complexes for the staff training and selection.